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Security & Identity Protection

An educated consumer is the best customer! Fraudulent activity cannot be completely eliminated, but through consumer education, the risk of falling prey to these criminals can be greatly minimized.

Keep your personal information private. Financial institutions will never send emails requesting personal information. They will never ask you to "verify " information in this manner. They will never ask you to click on a special link to do so. Do not surrender your personal information through emails, telephone calls you receive, or mail responses.

To increase consumer awareness and provide information on various scams, Bank of Lancaster has provided the following Consumer Safety Tips:

Avoid Seasonal Scams Avoid Seasonal Scams (43 KB)

Dumpster Diving Dumpster Diving (26 KB)

Email Scams Email Scams (36 KB)

Identity Theft Identity Theft (36 KB)

IRS Scam IRS Scam (37 KB)

Lottery & Sweepstakes Scams Lottery & Sweepstakes Scams (40 KB)

Mail Snatching-Check Washing Mail Snatching-Check Washing (41 KB)

Phishing Scams Phishing Scams (32 KB)

Publisher's Clearing House Publisher's Clearing House (40 KB)

Smishing Scams Smishing Scams (32 KB)

Telephone Scams Telephone Scams (33 KB)

Text Message Scam Text Message Scam (41 KB)