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Bank Honors Calendar Photo Contest Winners


Left to right, First row: Barbara Motter – Honorable Mention; Sandy Armstrong – August & Honorable Mention; Carol Williams – October;
Laura Dent – June & November; Carey Turner – Cover; Tammy Moore – April & Honorable Mention; Cyndie Smith – February.
Second Row: Edgar Doleman – October; Hennie McGonegal – May; Bud Disney, Sr. - Honorable Mention; Jay Coleman – Honorable Mention; Hunton Tiffany – September; Captain John Jennings (representing Dr. Stephen Wolf) – July; Bob Wilson – March; and Kylie Bransford – Bank of Lancaster‘s Assistant Vice President & Marketing Officer. (Not pictured – Tiffany Caylor - December; Peter Fahrney, M.D., Mark Washburn and Jill Worth – Honorable Mentions).

Bank of Lancaster was very pleased and honored to host a special reception for the winners of the 2011 Bank of Lancaster Calendar. Bank of Lancaster’s Executive Vice President Ken Bransford welcomed everyone and extended a warm thank you to all who participated in the Bank’s fourth annual photo calendar contest. He also congratulated the photographers, all of whom are amateurs, on their magnificent photos, noting that their photos were selected from over 245 entries.

Kylie Bransford, Assistant Vice President and Marketing Officer for the Bank, supervised the calendar project; and she also thanked the winning photographers and the judges for participating in the contest and making the calendar what it is – a true reflection of the beauty of our area. She asked each of the winners to provide a brief description of their photo and what inspired them to take the photo.

   The Cover photo was done by grand prize winner Carey Turner of Warsaw. The photo was taken at sunset down at Carter’s Wharf in Richmond County.
   January’s photo is from Edgar Doleman of Heathsville. He captured a photo at sunrise of a deadrise on the Great Wicomico River.
   February’s photo is from Cyndie Smith of Reedville. The photo was taken one morning after a blizzard-like snow overlooking Bridge Creek.
   March’s photo is from Bob Wilson of Reedville. He photographed an assembly of wooden boats at the Reedville Marine Railway.
   April’s photo is from Tammy Moore of Sandston. She captured a Great Blue Heron poised on a log in a pond overlooking the Rappahannock River.
   May’s photo is from Hennie McGonegal of White Stone. She photographed a dogwood tree in bloom adorning Historic Christ Church.
   June’s photo is from Laura Dent of Callao. She captured a double rainbow behind two horses grazing in a pasture in Merry Point.  
   July’s photo is from Dr. Stephen Wolf of Paris France. He was able to photograph a feisty Chesapeake Blue crab before it escaped off the dock into Greenvale Creek.
   August’s photo is from Sandy Armstrong of Lancaster. She captured a Yellow Tiger Swallowtail enjoying the sweet nectar of a pink zinnia in her flower garden.
   September’s photo is from C. Hunton Tiffany of Weems. His photo if from the fall of 2005 but felt the store front was an icon of Irvington.
   October’s photo is from Carol Williams of Weems. The sailboat is from Hospice’s 2006 Turkey Shoot Regatta. The unique sail is decorated with “The Birth of Venus”.
   November’s photo is from Laura Dent of Callao. She captured a beautiful reflection of the sky, clouds, trees on a fall evening on Antipoison Creek.
   December’s photo is from Tiffany Caylor of Montross. She captured a vibrant cardinal nestled in the branches of a dogwood tree amidst freshly fallen snow.

There were also eight Honorable Mentions. They were: Peter Fahrney, M.D. of Colonial Beach photographed a crab shack at Parker’s Marina; Jay Coleman of White Stone, fascinated by nature’s fury, photographed inclement weather by the Rappahannock River bridge; Sandy Armstrong of Lancaster captured two raccoons climbing a tree in Northumberland County; Mark Washburn of Colonial Beach took a photograph of a tree on Colonial Beach Town Hill in beautiful autumn colors; Barbara Motter of Rohrersville, MD captured two eagles perched on a branch overlooking Mills Creek; Bud Disney, Sr. of Burgess photographed a beautiful sunrise with a farmhouse and tractor in the mist at Candy Point; Tammy Moore of Sandston shot a beautiful sunrise over the Rappahannock River bridge; and Jill Worth of Irvington captured a bee and an onion blossom one morning in a garden in Irvington.

“The beauty of the photos have made the calendar what it is and I want to thank each one of you for participating,” stated Marketing Officer Kylie Bransford. The winners were the first to receive printed copies of the 2011 Bank of Lancaster Calendar. Bransford also reminded them to keep their cameras handy to get ready for the fifth annual photo contest for the 2012 calendar.

2011 Calendars are available at all Bank of Lancaster offices.


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