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Bank of Lancaster Hosts Bank Day Students


Bank of Lancaster, in partnership with the Virginia Bankers Association (VBA), was pleased again this year to host area high school students for Virginia Bank Day. In 1991, the Virginia General Assembly declared the third Tuesday in March as Bank Day, giving high school seniors across the Commonwealth the opportunity to learn more about banking, financial services, and the vital roles banks play in their communities.


Bank of Lancaster hosted 11 high school seniors for Virginia Bank Day; and following their mornings in branches closest to the home or school, their tour of the corporate headquarters in Kilmarnock, and a visit to the Operations Center, the students enjoyed a great lunch at Lee’s Restaurant, a landmark in downtown Kilmarnock. Participating in the day were: (back row – l to r): Lancaster seniors Nick Nonnemacker and Thomas Hyde; Essex senior Kaitlin Saunders; Washington & Lee senior Brandon Thompson; Northumberland senior Katie Crowther; and Washington & Lee senior Milan Bullock; (front – l to r): Lancaster senior Olivia Beck; Northumberland seniors Imari Mitchell, Dierra Green and Emily Sprague; and Essex senior Lindsey Saunders. Not pictured are Colonial Beach students. 


The Bank’s Consumer Education Director, Hazel Farmer, stated “even though snow and school closings this year delayed Bank Day a week, we still had a wonderful time together on Tuesday, March 25. We were extremely pleased to have 11 students with us for the day, representing Lancaster, Northumberland, Washington & Lee High, and Essex High Schools. Once again snow played a factor in the day and our Colonial Beach High School students were not able to be with us; however, they visited with us on Tuesday, April 1st.

“Bank of Lancaster has a strong commitment to financial literacy; and as community bankers, we are proud to work with the VBA, the Virginia Council on Economic Education, and our local schools to promote financial and economic education. These young people had a full day with us, learning about the importance of saving; obtaining and maintaining good credit; careers in banking; dressing for success; privacy and confidentiality; ethics; how to complete both an employment application and a loan application; and how community bankers reinvest in their community, both financially and with manpower. The one comment I heard over and over again throughout the day was, ‘I had no idea so much goes on in a bank!’ ”

Bruce Whitehurst, President & CEO of the Virginia Bankers Association, stated “Bank Day is one of the best short-term, hands-on experiences that a classroom teacher can offer their students—the opportunity to go inside the bank vault, to watch customer/bank officer interaction, to learn about the many services that banks offer, and to start the networking that often leads to part-time and summer jobs, scholarships, and a start on a career path in the financial world.”

Following their day at the Bank, the students will submit to the VBA an essay on the topic “How Banking Benefits My Community.” Seven scholarships will be awarded based on the essays. Farmer stated, “We are in great hopes one or more of the students who visited with us will be a scholarship recipient. They were a very enthused, polite and attentive group of young people and just a pleasure to work with. We also want to thank the local high schools for giving these young people the opportunity to spend the day with us and participate in Bank Day.”


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