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Bank of Lancaster Participates in Teach Children to Save Day

Bank of Lancaster’s Shirley Davis and Robin Honnick
(not pictured)    Bank of Lancaster’s Kim Sanders (pictured in the middle
made a visit to Lancaster Primary.                                                         of the class of students) made a visit to Colonial Beach

Bank of Lancaster's Judy Sydnor is pictured during her visit to Washington                  Bank of Lancaster's April Walker and Judy Fay
District Elementary.                                                                                                       (not pictured) made a visit to Northumberland Elementary.

Bank of Lancaster's Meredith Smith and Charity Jenkins (not pictured) along with Bank of Lancaster's mascot Penny
made a visit to Richmond County Elementary School.

   Bank of Lancaster was proud to once again participate in national “Teach Children to Save Day.” This event is held each April and is sponsored by the American Bankers Association’s Educational Foundation and the Virginia Bankers Association. The program provides an opportunity for banks to partner with their local elementary schools and share with students tips on how to spend and save wisely.  During April, representatives from Bank of Lancaster made presentations to students from Chesapeake Academy, Lancaster Primary, Northumberland Elementary, Richmond County Elementary, Cople Elementary, Washington District Elementary, and Colonial Beach Elementary, reaching almost 600 elementary students.

    Hazel Farmer, Senior Vice President and Consumer Education Director for the Bank, noted that “Teach Children to Save Day” walks hand in hand with the Bank of Lancaster’s commitment to General Colin Powell’s America’s Promise Program to ‘invest in the future by investing in our children.’ Farmer states, “Bank of Lancaster joins bankers across the Country each year in consumer education programs to help students of all ages understand the importance of saving and spending wisely.  This particular program is designed for elementary-aged students and we feel this is where the education truly needs to begin.  Helping a young student understand the difference between a want and a need is very important. If good savings habits can be learned early, these children will have a better chance of becoming wiser money managers, which in turn will help them from making poor financial decisions as young adults. As community bankers we want to help young people achieve a sound financial future, and through the years we have reached thousands of elementary students with our ‘Teach Children’ program. We were proud to again
this year participate, and we thank our local schools and teachers for allowing us to come to the classrooms and share our programs on consumer education.”


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