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Bank of Lancaster Recognizes Bright Futures Top Savers


Lancaster Middle School’s Bright Futures Bank Top Savers were recently recognized by Bank of Lancaster. On hand for the morning recognition program were (l to r) Kayleigh Webster, student teller and also the student who won the “Name the School Bank” competition in 2008 when the school bank was opened; first place Top Saver Javian Robinson; Bank of Lancaster’s Consumer Education Director Hazel Farmer; second place Top Savers Alyssa Booth, Jovani Robinson and Savannah Eppihimer; and student teller Rachael Hurst. Bright Futures Bank is open at Lancaster Middle School every Wednesday.

Bright Futures Bank, a partnership between Bank of Lancaster and Lancaster Middle School, is now in its 5th year of operation. This school bank made history in the Northern Neck when its doors opened; and it has received both State and National recognition, including in 2009 the Excellence in Education Award from Virginia Tech for its quality and significant contribution to education in Virginia.

The program was designed to address financial literacy standards of learning, and the school bank is staffed and operated by the students with supervision from Bank of Lancaster personnel. The banking partnership provides a model where students actively participate as bank managers, tellers and marketing agents.

Periodically throughout the school year, Bank of Lancaster rewards the Top Savers. This recognition is for the number of deposits made, not the dollar amount of the deposits. The Top Savers recognized for the first half of the school year are Javian Robinson, the Top Saver; and tied for second place are students Alyssa Booth, Savannah Eppihimer and Jovani Robinson.

Hazel Farmer, the Bank’s Senior Vice President and Consumer Education Director reports, “we are extremely proud of Javian, Alyssa, Savannah and Jovani, and all of the students who are a part of Bright Futures Bank. Financial education should be viewed as a life-long process that begins early in life. As community bankers, we want to help young people understand the difference between a want and a need. Statistics provided to us through both the American and Virginia Bankers Association, and other organizations such as the Virginia Council on Economic Education and the Jumpstart Coalition, show that if a child learns to save at an early age, learns that discipline of saving a portion of their allowance, birthday money, Christmas money, that child is more likely to further their education and even own a home when they become an adult. Through Bright Futures Bank, we want to increase awareness of the discipline of saving because the more informed these young people are, the better choices they will make. Learning about personal money management can actually help them have, as the school bank name says, a ‘brighter future’. We’re excited and grateful for the opportunity to partner with Lancaster Middle School in this wonderful opportunity for its students. And we again thank teacher Sue Forrester for her dedication to and organization of the bank from the school side. The school bank program also walks hand in hand with General Colin Powell’s ‘America’s Promise’ program to invest in the future by investing in our children.”


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