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Bank of Lancaster Recognizes Bright Futures Top Savers


Bank of Lancaster recently rewarded the Bright Futures School Bank Top Savers for the school term 2011-2012. Bank Senior Vice President and Consumer Education Director Hazel Farmer (center) recognized (l to r) Javian Robinson and Alyssa Booth, who were tied for first place, and Jovani Robinson and Savannah Eppihimer, who were tied for second place. Bright Futures just completed its 5th year of operation at
Lancaster Middle School.  

Bright Futures School Bank, a partnership between Bank of Lancaster and Lancaster Middle School, just completed its 5th year of operation. The school bank made history in the Northern Neck when its doors opened; and it has received both State and National recognition, including the Virginia Tech 2009 Excellence in Education Award for its quality and significant contribution to education in Virginia.

The program is designed to address financial literacy standards of learning, and the school bank is staffed and operated by the students with supervision from Bank of Lancaster personnel. The banking partnership provides a model where students actively participate as bank managers, tellers and marketing agents.

Hazel Farmer, Senior Vice President and Consumer Education Director for Bank of Lancaster, stated, “these young people are to be commended. Students in the 7th and 8th grades, who are in good academic standing, are eligible to apply for the positions. They complete a job application, and then all applicants go through a detailed interview process. Once selected to work the school bank, they not only undergo teller training or a marketing training program but also go through programs to help them understand privacy, confidentiality and they sign a Code of Ethics. On the days they are assigned to work the school bank, they miss several class periods so they have to make up all assignments. If they have a test or something they need to do on their assigned day, it is their responsibility to work with the school bank branch manager to find a replacement. These are life lessons they are learning, and we are so proud to be a part of this.”

Student bankers this school term were marketing associates Drew Smith and Alora Tyson; student tellers were Lindsey Brocklebank, Destiny Carter, Skylar Dixon, Mary Frere, Rachel Hurst, Keondra Jenkins, Eboni Johnson, Tyler Martin, DeShay Smith, Sha’Niya Taylor, Kayleigh Webster and Robert West. Farmer noted that Kayleigh Webster, who will graduate from Middle School this year, won the “Name the Bank” contest when she was in the 4th grade. Farmer stated, “it has been a personal pleasure to watch so many of these young people grow over the years. And I am joined by many of my co-workers at Bank of Lancaster who have been involved in this program. As community bankers, it has meant a great deal to us to be able to share our knowledge with these students. We again commend Lancaster Middle School for providing this opportunity for their students, with a special thanks to teacher Sue Forrester, who manages the program on the school side.”

Top Savers for the school year just ended were also recently recognized. “It’s not the amount of the deposit,” Farmer stated, “but the number of times they save. This year we were honored to recognize Alyssa Booth and Javian Robinson, who tied for first place, and Savannah Eppihimer and Jovani Robinson, who tied for second place. We want to again thank LMS, the students, and the families of the students who make this educational opportunity possible.”


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