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Walking on the Beach

Bank of Lancaster Supports Teach Children to Save Day


Bank of Lancaster’s Senior Vice President Hazel Farmer, along with Bank mascot Penny,” shared the “Teach Children to Save Day” program with first graders from Chesapeake Academy. The group also enjoyed a tour of the Bank’s Main Office.

Bank of Lancaster’s Shirley Davis and Judy Fay (not shown) presented the “Teach Children to Save Day” program to 110 first graders at Lancaster Primary School.

Bank of Lancaster’s Shirley Davis presented the “Teach Children to Save Day” program to 110 first graders at Northumberland Elementary School.

Bank of Lancaster’s Charity Jenkins presented the “Teach Children to Save Day” program to 100 third graders at Richmond County Elementary.

Bank of Lancaster’s Laura Sullivan and Kagen Balco presented the “Teach Children to Save Day” program to 40 first graders at Colonial Beach Elementary and Bank of Lancaster’s Judy Sydnor (not shown) presented the program to 65 third graders at Cople Elementary.

Bank of Lancaster was proud to once again participate in national “Teach Children to Save Day.” This event is sponsored by the American Bankers Association’s Educational Foundation and the Virginia Bankers Association; and since its inception 16 years ago, Bank of Lancaster has been a strong partner. The program provides an opportunity for banks across the Country to partner with their local schools and share with students tips on how to spend and save wisely. Representatives from Bank of Lancaster met in April with elementary students from Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland Counties, to include Lancaster Primary, Chesapeake Academy, The Wiley Childhood Development Center, Northumberland Elementary, Richmond County Elementary, Cople Elementary, and Colonial Beach Elementary School.

Hazel Farmer, Senior Vice President and Consumer Education Director for Bank of Lancaster, noted that “Teach Children to Save Day walks hand in hand with the Bank’s commitment to General Colin Powell’s America’s Promise Program to ‘invest in the future by investing in our children.’ Managing our financial lives is never simple, even for us as adults; it is a balancing act. It is important it is to help young students understand the importance of saving and spending wisely and the difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need.’ If these good habits can be learned early, it will help these youngsters become wiser money managers and help them from making poor financial decisions as young adults that could take years to overcome.”

Farmer noted, “Statistics provided to us through both the American and Virginia Bankers Associations, and other organizations such as the Virginia Council on Economic Education and the Jumpstart Coalition, show that if a child learns to save at an early age, learns that discipline of saving a portion of their allowance, birthday money, Christmas money, that child is more likely to further their education and even own a home when they become an adult. We want to help young people achieve a sound financial future, and through the years we have reached thousands of students here in our Northern Neck with the Teach Children to Save Day program. We were proud to again this year participate in this special day; and we thank our local schools and teachers for allowing us to come to the classrooms and share our programs on consumer education.”

Bank of Lancaster also supervises two school banks, one in partnership with Lancaster Middle School in Kilmarnock, now in its 5th year of operation, and one in partnership with Northumberland Middle and High Schools, now in its 3rd year of operation. These are the only school banks located in the Northern Neck. These hands-on financial education programs are another outreach of the Bank’s efforts, and our local schools, to help students understand personal money management.


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