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Bank of Lancaster Welcomes Tom Haskins to Investment Advantage

Bank of Lancaster welcomes G. Thomas Haskins, Jr. as Investment Executive with Bank of Lancaster’s Investment Advantage department.

Bank of Lancaster’s Investment Advantage plays a major role in providing financial planning and investments and is an integral part of the Bank’s commitment to its customers to provide access to a complete array of financial products and services. Investment Advantage is a trade name for the bank. Securities are offered through Infinex Investments, Inc., a Member FINRA/SIPC. Infinex and the bank are not affiliated. Products and services offered through Infinex are not bank deposits or guaranteed by the bank, not insured by the FDIC or any Federal Government agency, and may go down in value.

Haskins, a long-time resident of Gloucester County, is a graduate of Gloucester High School. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Hampden-Sydney College.

Haskins began his career in investment services in 1994. The previous six years, Haskins was the Investment Executive at Colonial Virginia Investment Services in Gloucester.

As an Infinex Investment Executive with Bank of Lancaster’s Investment Advantage department, Haskins will help customers in Lancaster, Middlesex and Gloucester counties achieve their financial dreams by working with them to create, grow and preserve their assets through financial planning and the investments best suited to their individual or corporate needs.

Serving his community, Haskins has volunteered as a basketball coach with the Gloucester Parks & Recreation for over eight years. He has also volunteered at Petsworth Elementary for the past six years running their Stock Market game and for the past four years, Haskins has participated in the “Lunch Buddy” program at Bethel Elementary.

Haskins resides in Gloucester. His son, Grinnan, is a senior at Gloucester High School and his other son, Henry, is a freshman at Jesuit School of Dallas.

Randal R. Greene, President and CEO of Bank of Lancaster stated, “the Bank’s management and its Board of Directors feel fortunate to have Tom Haskins join with Ed Pittman as a part of the Company’s Investment Advantage program. Both of them bring years of experience and expertise in financial planning and investments to the Company, and this level of service is of great value to our customers. We are extremely proud of Ed’s accomplishments through his hard work and dedication and to have Tom joining with him, is a value-added benefit to our Investment Advantage program.”


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