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Judy Sydnor Serves on Virginia Bankers Association Panel for Financial Literacy in Local Schools


Judy Sydnor, Manager of Bank of Lancaster’s Warsaw Office, served recently on the panel at the Virginia Bankers Association’s (VBA) headquarters in Richmond for “Back to School at the VBA.” This one-day program, co-hosted by the VBA and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, is designed to provide training to bankers interested in making a difference in economic and financial education in their local schools.

Sydnor, one of the Bank’s financial literacy teachers, has worked with VBA sponsored-programs for many years, to include Teach Children to Save Day, Bank Day, Get Smart About Credit Day, Groundhog Job Shadow Day, all designed to help young people understand the importance of money management. She has also worked with Cople Elementary’s “Sponsors for Success” program for many years, going into the classroom on a monthly basis; participated in Career Day at many local schools; and she has participated in the Virginia Cooperative Extension Agency’s “Reality Store.”

Consumer Education Director for Bank of Lancaster, Hazel Farmer, stated “We were extremely honored that Judy was asked to serve on this panel. Her years of experience teaching these programs in classrooms brought a wealth of first-hand knowledge to other bankers in attendance who are interested in promoting financial literacy in their local schools. Judy is to be commended for the time and energy she has devoted to financial literacy; she spends many long hours preparing for classroom presentations, in addition to her responsibilities as the manager of our Bank’s Warsaw Office and her dedication to her community.

“Bank of Lancaster has a strong commitment to financial literacy; and we have worked in partnership for many years with both the Virginia and American Bankers Associations to help our local youth understand the importance of learning to save, how to obtain and maintain good credit, and all that goes with helping them become responsible young adults. Judy has embraced these financial literacy programs from inception; and she has spent many hours in our local schools, sharing her knowledge with hundreds of students.”

Farmer notes, “Financial education should be viewed as a life-long progress that begins early in life. A good money manager is more likely to purchase a home, invest in a retirement program, and overall plan for a more financially secure tomorrow. Through these educational opportunities, in partnership with our local schools, dedicated teachers like Judy are given hands-on opportunity to work directly with students to help them learn how to successfully manage, grow and protect their money. Judy and other Bank of Lancaster staff are now in the process of working with the local elementary schools throughout the Northern Neck for the national ‘Teach Children to Save Day,’ which will be held April 23rd.”


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