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Fun in the Snow

Bank of Lancaster Calendar Contest - 2013

Below are the Winners and Honorable Mention photos from our 2013 Calendar Contest.

2013 Winners

Cover - Richard Davis of HeathsvilleJanuary - Janet Pawlukiewicz of HeathsvilleFebruary - Richard Davis of HeathsvilleMarch - Claire Powell of Center Cross
April - Sharon Fine of LottsburgMay - Hunton Tiffany of WeemsJune - Janet Pawlukiewicz of HeathsvilleJuly - Lynn Lennon of Heathsville
August - Jay Coleman of White StoneSeptember - Claire Powell of Center CrossOctober - Carol Sennott of WeemsNovember - Ethel Doggett of Richmond
December - Jill Worth of Irvington

2013 Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention - Sharon Fine of LottsburgHonorable Mention - Lynn Lennon of HeathsvilleHonorable Mention - Pauline Sulick of IrvingtonHonorable Mention - Andrew Kauders of Burgess
Honorable Mention - Tammy Moore of SandstonHonorable Mention - Sandy Armstrong of LancasterHonorable Mention - John Cole of ReedvilleHonorable Mention - Colleen Kelley of Heathsville