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Parents, does your child understand the difference between a want and a need? Is he or she a saver? Does your teenager understand how to budget? How about credit; does your student understand how important it is to obtain and maintain good credit?

We encourage you to check out the sites we’ve designed for students. These sites are oriented to grade level and we hope both you and the students will find them educational and fun! 

Money Talks Newsletters

Enjoy these newsletters from the American Bankers Association. They are designed for parents and kids. You can download the Elementary, Middle and High School versions by clicking on images to the right (also available in Spanish).

Teachable Moments Can Last a Lifetime

In many families money isn’t discussed with the kids. But experts agree that the more you talk about money the better it is understood. Start talking today – you can help your children and grandchildren learn financial lessons that will last a lifetime.

Look for teachable moments in your daily life that naturally bring up the topic of money. The important thing is to talk about money in an open and honest way. Here are some examples of teachable moments to help you get started:

When depositing your paycheck, talk with your kids about:

  • Budgeting some of your check to pay for things like rent, food, clothing
  • Saving a portion of your check to build a nest egg for future expenses like college tuition and retirement

When grocery shopping, talk with your kids about:

  • The difference between a want and a need – milk is a need, candy is a want
  • Using coupons, buying in bulk, and other ways that save you money

When using your credit card, talk with your kids about:

  • Paying for these purchases each month when the credit card statement arrives
  • How using a credit card is like taking out a small loan

When giving your children an allowance, talk to your kids about:

  • Setting up a budget, for example: how much to save, spend or share with those in need
  • Setting a financial goal, such as buying a new bike, and figuring out how to achieve the goal

When you pay bills each month, talk to your kids about:

  • How a check or debit card transaction is taking money out of your account at the bank
  • Keeping track of your checks or debit card transactions so that you don’t spend more money than you have in your bank account

When using an ATM machine, talk to your kids about:

  • How the money is coming from your account at the bank
  • Recording the withdrawal so that you don’t overdraw

We’re here to help you care for your money and to help you help your children save and become good money managers, too. Let us hear from you; we’re only a phone call away.

Educating Today's Youth

The following video is from the American Bankers Association and features a member bank in the class presenting the Teach Children To Save program. This is the very same educational program that Bank of Lancaster provides area children and is good for you, as a parent, to see what we are teaching in the schools. Enjoy!

Notice of the Bank's Information Practices with Regard to Children

The Bank does not request that children submit personal information online, enable children to make personal information publicly available through a chat room, message board, or other means, or passively track or use any identifying codes linked to children, such as persistent cookies.